“Don’t look at Novak, look at Rafa” 10 times Slam legend explains Nadal dominance over Djokovic

Image source: Getty Images

Ivan Lendl knows a thing or two about playing Grand Slam finals having reached 18 during his incredible career, winning 8. So his comments on the recent Nadal Djokovic French open final carry a lot of weight.

The 10 times Grand Slam winner explained Rafael Nadal’s dominance over the Serb.

“I don’t think you should look at Novak during the final, you should look at Rafa. Rafa was doing certain things which he had not always done against Novak and they worked for him quite well. He hit is forehand down the line more often which stopped Novak from sitting in the backhand corner and distributing right and left or hitting his drop shot or attacking whenever he felt like it.

“Rafa also threw up a high lob whenever Novak came to the net and then stepped back so he had more time to get the ball back in play after the Djokovic smash. Because Novak places rather than hits his overhead. But the most amazing shot for Rafa in the final was his backhand cross court which opened the court up for him”.

Source: TennisHead

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