“I have learned from it and it will not happen again”

Image source: Formula 1/Formula 1 /Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton was punished four times in three races this year but he ensures he has learned his lessons. During the first Grand Prix in Austria Hamilton was already successful. A collision by Alexander Albon resulted in a five-second penalty, making him only fourth in the end. During the Italian Grand Prix he got a ten second stop-and-go penalty because he drove into a closed pit lane. During this race he finished seventh.

“Sometimes you say things in the heat of the moment,” he says on Motorsport-Total.com. “I think it’s a human reaction. Looking back, we could have done things differently.”

Hamilton believes that sport has taken a good step this year. “Although I rarely get to see the stewards, I think the respect between us [drivers], the FIA and the stewards has grown – and so has the understanding.”

In any case, the Mercedes driver did learn his lesson last season. “They won’t catch me for it again, that’s for sure. I just have to be very vigilant and conscientious. Of course, as an athlete I always try to look for the edge. It’s a thin line. I’ve learned from it and it won’t happen again.”

Source: GPFans

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