Ian Wright thinks Mikel Arteta’s ordered Arsenal’s players to stay away from their teammate

Image source: Premier League Official Website “You can see”:

Ian Wright thinks Mikel Arteta has told Arsenal players to stay away from Bukayo Saka when he is running with the ball now.

Former Arsenal man noticed that Saka was being left in space by his Gunners teammates when he was on the ball at the weekend’s game.

“That man has to be played in an offensive role for Arsenal. He should be where he can do his most damage. At the moment it’s from he right,” he said.

“What’s noticeable is what happens to experienced players, when you know what they’re capable of.

“Like when Aubameyang gets the ball and cuts in from the left, nobody is going over there. Nobody is going over to close that space to bring another defender in the way.

“You notice that when Saka got through and had the penalty shout exactly the same respect he get shown.

“That is when you know when someone has gone to another level.

“They’re saying ‘he’s in his place, don’t crowd him now. Leave him’.

“You can see that Mikel has probably said when Saka gets the ball here stay away from him, because he’s going to beat them. I’m so excited about him.”

Source: HITC 

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