John Fury mimics Conor McGregor by squaring up to his TV as he warns Jake Paul ‘it is impossible’ he will beat Tommy Fury and says this will be the ‘greatest Christmas’ the Fury family have had

John Fury appeared close to punching a television screen with Jake Paul’s face on it during a press conference call with his sons Tyson and Tommy.

Fury is helping the youngster prepare to face Paul on December 18 in Tampa, Florida after an entire year of trash talking finally reaches a crescendo.

Paul is preparing to fight Tommy Fury on December 18

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Paul is preparing to fight Tommy Fury on December 18

The YouTube sensation is one of the most antagonistic individuals in the sport having only turned professional in 2020 and played the game to perfection.

Dana White, Conor McGregor, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather and even Mike Tyson have not escaped the silver-tongued starlet, yet now it is the turn of the Fury family.

Whilst speaking from a lilo in a pool wearing sunglasses and sipping on a cocktail, Paul continued to goad the elder Fury until it finally reaching boiling point.

“You thank your lucky stars that I’m banned from your country”, he told Paul, before standing up and appearing to square off with the TV.

Fury got so incensed he stood up from his chair

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Fury got so incensed he stood up from his chair

McGregor stalked Max Holloway…on his TV screen


McGregor stalked Max Holloway…on his TV screen

Eagled-eyed fans made the comparison to Conor McGregor, who literally paced up and down while glaring at his own screen before Max Holloway’s fight with Yair Rodriguez.

Speaking to talkSPORT after the virtual press conference, Fury said it would be ‘impossible’ for Jake Paul to beat his son and he would then target a fight with Logan, the older brother of the social media sensation.

“I’ve got high hopes of him winning the light-heavyweight championship of the world,” Fury said. “How he has been sparring and the clientele he has been sparring in the gym are second-to-none.

“We’ve got Olympians at cruiserweight, we’ve got top five world-ranked heavyweights in the gym, we’ve got the best-ranked amateur light-heavyweights in the country coming here.

“We can’t lose this, it’s impossible that Jake Paul can beat this man. All it is, we are just enjoying it because we are very lucky to be in this situation before Christmas and it is just going to make all for the greatest Christmas the Fury’s have probably ever had.

“We’ve just come off a good win with Deontay Wilder, we are flying high and this is just icing on the cake.

“It’s an hors d’oeuvres come after the main course we know that, but let me just tell you, it’s going to be a lot of fun and games. And, we want his brother!

“We will have his brother on the second and third of January, that’s how confident we are of beating this bum.”