Kaka Changes Tune In Ronaldo Vs Messi Debate

The eternal debate on who is better between Ronaldo and Messi continues with Kaka the latest global star to speak on the matter.

The former Brazil star played with Ronaldo at Real Madrid and previously said the Portuguese star is a superior player to Lionel Messi.

However, in a Q&A on FIFA’s Instagram account, the Brazilian has changed his tune, saying Messi is the best player.

Both Messi and Ronaldo are the two greatest players of their generation. They’ve separated themselves from their peers with brilliant performances consistently.

The two icons have 11 Ballon d’Ors between them with Messi winning six and Ronaldo winning five. They have also made the UEFA Champions League their own.  Their exceptional feats have created an argument on who stands at the top.

Although the argument will continue forever, Kaka has revealed the better player between the two. The former AC Milan star was a former Ballon d’Or winner, so he probably knows a thing about great players.

Speaking on FIFA channel, Kaka praised Ronaldo but insists Messi is the best. Despite playing with Ronaldo at Real Madrid, Kaka believes Messi’s pure talent separates him from the rest.

“I played with Cristiano, and he’s really amazing, but I’ll go with Messi,” Kaka said in a Q&A on FIFA channel.

“He’s a genius, a pure talent. The way he plays is incredible.”

However, he went to praise Ronaldo’s mentality, and that’s what makes him different.

“Cristiano is a machine. It’s not just the way he’s strong, powerful and fast; he’s strong mentally.

“He always wants to win and play. To be the best. For me, that’s the most incredible thing he has.

“In the history of sport, they [Messi and Cristiano] are definitely in the top five. We are very lucky to have been able to see both of them.”

Source: Soccernet