Pep Guardiola on Wolves, early team news and more

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Manchester City are preparing to host Wolves in the Premier League on Tuesday. City celebrated a 2-1 victory over West Ham on Saturday and extended their winning run to 20 wins in a row.

Ahead of the Wolves clash Pep Guardiola has given a press conference, where he spoke out on

On reflecting on records?

“No, we don’t have time. There are many games, every three days. We have to rest and think another one. The day of the game, all the managers when you win you are happy that night but the day after the next one. When you lose you are sad but the day after you think of the next one.”

On Best in Europe

“The best team in Europe in the world are Bayern because they won everything. In England the champions are Liverpool they are the bset. You have to win. In February March nobody is Champions. We have to win but we cannot deny the last few months are exceptional. Even when we don’t play well like West Ham we are able to take the points. You don’t always have exceptional games, so try to be solid and take the points.”

On the game against Wolves

“Absolutely (no). The history against them dictates how tought it will bea nd we know it perfectly. We know exactly the type of game to play. We have to be so intense but be calm. They play with your ambition to punish you. We have to be so clever, the last years always so tough for their quality and the players and this will not be an exception.”

On Manchester United and Leicester City dropping points

“36 points to play. There are a lot of points. In Europe and England every team can lose in a row in a week and drop points and everything will be te same. As a team we have to play well, run without the ball, take the points to be at the end close to champions. Tough opponents. United, Southampton, Fulham, Leeds doing well, many games. When you have 10, 12, 15 points left it’s different, but 36? Many points. We have to sit all together and put them on the same track, I’m not regretting what the guys have done, at the end not the records count, at the end is next season we will defend the title or another team. Right now the Champions are Liverpool and in Europe are Bayern. If you want that honour you have to win it.”

Team News

“Everything is fine, except Nathan, the rest of the players are fine.”

source – Manchester Evening News 

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