Super Eagles Star Reveals How He’s Coping With The Situation In Italy

The disease has completely shut down activities, including football in many countries as they try to find a solution. All of Europe’s top five leagues are currently on suspension, while games in other countries are being played behind closed doors.  

Forgotten Super Eagles star, Simeon Nwankwo, plays in the Serie B with Crotone in Italy- the country with the highest number of cases outside of China.

The 27-year-old revealed it has been difficult to cope with the situation in Italy and he is not even thinking about football right now.

Italy is the world’s worst-hit country with over 17,000 confirmed cases and above 1,000 deaths recorded. As a result of the growing number, the Italian government ordered a complete lockdown with only pharmacies and supermarkets allowed to operate during this period.

The Italian Serie A has also been suspended as efforts are being made to contain the virus. Speaking in an interview with the BBC, one time Super Eagles star, Simeon Nwankwo explained the situation in Italy.

“I must confess it is a very difficult and scary situation. We are in a total lockdown. Everybody has to stay home. The streets are empty. People are panicking because, at the moment, it is a big problem,” Simeon told BBC. 

“And football is the last thing we think of because there are things much more important than football, and at this moment, this is a very serious situation.”

“I can tell you this is no longer an Italian problem, it’s become a global one, so we have to come together as one, respect the rules, play safe, be hygienic as much as possible because mentally it’s not easy.”

“You know you have to come back to your family. You have to reassure your family back home of your safety, so we need all the love and prayers we can afford, and pray for the medical departments as well.”

“I just hope we all join hands together and do the best we can to come out of this situation,” Simeon concluded.

Source: Soccernet