WWE legend Jeff Hardy reveals the worst bump he ever took and the state of his body after nearly 30 years wrestling

Jeff Hardy is easily the most beloved daredevil in the history of WWE.

We’ve all watched Jeff’s incredible leaps and falls through the years whether he was a solo star or performing in the legendary Hardy Boyz tag team with his brother Matt and, remarkably, Jeff is still going.

Jeff Hardy was fearless

Jeff Hardy was fearless

Now 44, Hardy is enjoying the winter of his career with another run in WWE, but considering the career Hardy has had, it’s quite incredible he’s still wrestling at all.

When talkSPORT caught up with the Charismatic Enigma during Survivor Series weekend, Hardy revealed that going through a table against Rob Van Dam on SmackDown in 2001 was the worst bump he’s ever taken.

“That was my worst bump ever, if you’re talking about the one where I went through the table vertical? It was just straight to my back and oh my god, it knocked the wind out of me the worst ever.

Jeff Hardy completely exploded the table

Jeff Hardy completely exploded the table

“When it comes to bumps, that hurt the most as far as getting the wind knocked out. My lower back for the next few weeks.. Oh, it was rough. I was like ‘OK, I don’t think I ever want to go through a table vertically again’ and I didn’t.

“But, I just had to do it. ‘Just let me do it, I think it’s going to be alright.’ And then I went right through the framing to the floor and wow [laughs]. It hurt.”

Around the 7:20 mark in the video below, you can see the bump in question.

“I even went through one upside down in the other wrestling world [IMPACT]. I don’t even know why, but I was like I can do that and cannonballed through it.

“That hurt like crazy, but, I got it out of here [points to his head] and that’s the main thing [laughs]. I just have to get it out! I never want to do that again.”

“So I’ve done yoga for a while. Not all of it, I just picked my favourite ones that felt right for my body. Every morning, it’s the first thing I do along with my prayers and my meditation.

“I do my yoga and cardio every morning when I’m able. There’s times where my neck and my back are beat up probably the most.

Rob Van Dam couldn’t believe what he’d just seen

Rob Van Dam couldn’t believe what he’d just seen

“My knee is weak – that was my last surgery. But yeah, overall, I can’t complain. For maintenance, after every match, I ice my neck and my back, maybe my knee if need be.

“I put heat on my back before a match and I ice those spots after a match and everything has been really good. It’s really amazing.”

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